Simulations for Solid State Physics: An Interactive Resource for Students and Teachers

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Mai 1997



Interactive resource centering around fourteen high quality computer simulations covering essential topics in solid state physics.


Preface; System requirements; 1. How to use this book; 2. 'bravais' - crystal structure and x-ray diffraction; 3. 'laue' - diffraction in perfect and imperfect crystals; 4. 'born' - lattice dynamics in one dimension; 5. 'debye' - lattice dynamics and heat capacity; 6. 'drude' - dynamics of the classical free electron gas; 7. 'sommerfield' - dynamics of quantum free electrons; 8. 'bloch' - electron energy bands and states; 9. 'ziman' - dynamics of a single band-electron; 10. 'peierls' - transport in a partially full electron band; 11. 'fermi' - carrier densities in semiconductors; 12. 'poisson' - band bending in semiconductors; 13. 'ising' - ising model and ferromagnetism; 14. 'n - antiferromagnetism and magnetic domains; 15. 'burgers' - dislocations and plastic flow; Epilogue; Appendices; Bibliography; Index.


"...an excellent companion for anyone seriously interested in learning condensed-matter physics, whether at the junior undergraduate or advanced graduate level...I found the qualtiy of the simulations to be exceptionally high... All those who are teaching or learning solid-state physics will be missing a greate opportunity if they do not give the SSS package a try." Roger W. Rollins, Computers in Physics "...this interactive package represents an extremely valuable addition to a solid-state physics course at the advanced undergraduate and graduate level, one of the best of this kind published up to now. Undoubtedly, it will soon be considered an essential part in the library of students and even of researchers in condensed matter physics." Materials Research Bulletin "...the book should be a good addition to a solid state course..." Ivan K. Schuller & David A. Rabson, Physics Today
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