Aboriginal Autonomy: Issues and Strategies

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Dezember 1994



A plea for a just society, this book is about reconciliation with Australia's Aboriginal people.


Acknowledgements; Foreword; Preface; Part I. The Aboriginal World View: 1. The making of Aboriginal identity; Part II. Aborigines and the Land: 2. The future of the homeland movement; 3. Warlpiri land use and management; 4. The implications of land rights; Part III. Aboriginal Lifestyles: 5. Economic, social and spiritual factors in Aboriginal health; 6. Aboriginal education and the issues underlying Aboriginal deaths in custody; 7. Aboriginal work and economy; Part IV. Aborigines, Resources, and Development: 8. The ideology of development in the East Kimberley; 9. Aborigines and resources: from 'humbug' to negotiation; 10. The McArthur River development: a case in point; Part V. Aborigines, Law and the State: 11. The Yirrkala proposals for the control of law and order; 12. Aboriginal political leadership and the role of the National Aboriginal Conference; 13. Aborigines and the Treaty of Waitangi; Part VI. Asserting Autonomy: Recent Aboriginal Initiatives: 14. Aboriginal initiatives on the land; 15. Initiatives in Aboriginal political organisation; 16. Education: taking control; Part VII. The Recognition of Native Title: 17. The Mabo decision: a basis for Aboriginal autonomy?; Conclusion: negotiating future autonomy; References; Select bibliography of work by H. C. Coombs; Appendix; Index.


'... fine blend of academic (mainly anthropological) writing and a passionate political plea for a just society in which there must be room for autonomy for the indigenous population.' Bijdragen
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