Provincial Rebellion: Revolutionary Civil Wars, 1560-1660

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Dezember 1982



Rebels and Rulers, 1500-1660 is a comparative historical study of revolution in the greatest royal states of Western Europe during the sixteenth and the first half of the seventeenth centuries. Revolution as a general problem and the causes and character of revolution in early modern Europe have been among the most widely discussed and debated topics in history and the social sciences since the 1940s. Although the subject of social and political unrest and revolution in the early modern period has received much attention, and despite the existence of a very large literature devoted to particular revolutions of the time, no one has attempted the broad comparative synthesis that is given by Professor Zagorin in this study.Volume I of Rebels and Rulers presents a critical discussion of different concepts and interpretations of revolution, including Marxism. It reviews previous attempts to deal with early modern revolutions and suggests a typology appropriate to the latter. It then provides an extensive survey of the historical context in which these revolutions occurred: the social structures of orders and estates, the political system of monarchy and the process of absolutist state building, economic trends and fluctuations, and ideology. The volume concludes with a detailed treatment of peasant rebellions, especially in Germany and France, and with an equally close look at urban rebellions in France and the possessions of the Spanish monarchy, including the revolution of the Comuneros in Castile.Volume II deals first with provincial rebellions in the French, English, and Spanish monarchies. The remaining chapters are devoted to a synoptic account of the French civil war or warsofreligion, the Netherlands rebellion, the English revolution, and the Fronde.Rebels and Rulers is a comprehensive discussion of early modern revolution that contains an examination of the most significant revolutions of Western Europe in the period before 1789. It offe


Preface; Part III. Revolutions (continued): 9. Provincial rebellion; 10. Revolutionary civil war: the French civil war; 11. Revolutionary civil war: the Netherlands rebellion; 12. Revolutionary civil war: the English revolution; 13. Revolutionary civil war: the Fronde; 14. Epilogue; Index.


"...a landmark in the long and continuing debates about revolution in general and the nature of early modern European revolution in particular...it will undoubtedly have some significance for every serious student of early modern European society...the qualities of clarity and cogency which [Zagorin] brings to bear on fundamental but thorny issues will most certainly prove of value [to] students and professional scholars alike." Jonathan Israel, Comparative Studies in Society and History "The attempt is ambitious; it compels admiration for the range of Zagorin's knowledge of the period and its bibliography and for his skill as a synthesizer. It is certainly useful to see these revolutions, from the revolt of the Comuneros to the Fronde, in comparative context...a valuable empirical study of some important episodes of European history, broadly related to each other in that almost all involved defensive revolts by 'traditional' societies against the encroachments of the modern centralizing state." David Underdown, Renaissance Quarterly "Rebels and Rulers provides thoughtful summaries of many early conflicts, informed by a good sense of the political and social structures behind them, a hostility to forcing them into general schemes, and an aversion to interpreting them as expressions of class division." Charles Tilly, American Historical Review
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