Atmospheric Data Analysis

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November 1993



Atmospheric data analysis is the method of transforming the enormous and scattered database of atmospheric observations into the powerful mathematical and physical tools required to meet the growing demand for atmospheric data.


1. Introduction; 2. Function fitting; 3. The method of successive corrections; 4. Statistical interpolation - univariate; 5. Statistical interpolation - multivariate; 6. The initialisation problem; 7. Quasi-geostrophic constraints; 8. Variational procedures; 9. Normal mode initialisation - theory; 10. Normal mode initialisation - applications; 11. Dynamic initialisation; 12. Continuous data assimilation; 13. Future directions; Appendixes.


"...a synthesizing text that fills a major need and that will be highly appreciated in many departments concerned with environmental analysis." American Scientist "...should be on the shelf of anyone with more than a purely selfish interest in weather prediction and related fields..." Andrew R. Solow, Journal of the American Statistical Association "...fills an essential gap in academic meteorological literature. Ample discussion of actual trends in the subject presented in the last chapter, as well as references to very recent results, protect the book against too rapid outdating. Though basically intended for graduate students, this well written and carefully edited position will certainly be a valuable aid also for more advanced professionals in various fields of atmospheric sciences." Krzysztof Haman, Pageoph
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