Philosophy in France Today

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Januar 1983



Eleven leading contemporary French philosophers give here more or less direct presentations and exemplifications of their work. All the essays, with one exception, were specifically written for this volume and for an English-speaking readership - the exception is the first publication anywhere of Jacques Derrida's defence of his th se d' tat in 1980, based on his published works. As a collection the essays convey the style, tone and preoccupations, as well as the range and diversity, of French philosophical thinking as it is being practised today. They will stimulate and inform the rapidly growing interest in this area outside France.


1. Introduction Alan Montefiore; 2. The philosophical institution Pierre Bourdieu; 3. Why I am so very unFrench Jacques Bouveresse; 4. The time of a thesis: punctuations Jacques Derrida; 5. A path in philosophy Jean-Toussaint Desanti; 6. An essay in philosophical observation Vincent Descombs; 7. 'How did you become a philosopher?' Claude Lefort; 8. Beyond intentionality Emmanuel Levinas; 9. Presentations Jean-Francois Lyotard; 10. In a materialist way Pierre Macherey; 11. Discourse of power - power of discourse: Pascalian notes Louis Marin; 12. On interpretation Paul Ricoeur.
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