The Kondo Problem to Heavy Fermions

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April 2003



'a superb introduction to this fascinating field.' Physics Today


1. Models of magnetic impurities; 2. Resistivity calculations and the resistance minimum; 3. The Kondo problem; 4. Renormalization group calculations; 5. Fermi liquid theories; 6. Exact solutions and the Bethe ansatz; 7. N-fold degenerate models I; 8. N-fold degenerate models II; 9. Theory and experiment; 10. Strongly correlated fermions; Appendices.


"...detailed and highly informative...The descriptions are... mathematical and well illutrated by figures and diagrams...I recommend it...the main audience for this book...is clearly the theoretical condensed matter physics community." R.J. Cava, Materials Research Bulletin "...a concise introduction to the theory of local-moment physics. Hewson provides a thorough and reliable foundation for those interested in research in strongly correlated materials. I heartily recommend it." Piers Coleman, Physics Today "...I strongly recommend this book to any reader interested in reading about the solution of the Kondo problem, or to graduate students who wish to prepare themselves for research into strongly correlated electron systems. I am sure that experts in the field will read the book and enjoy it. I came away wanting to read more!" Peter S. Riseborough, Foundations of Physics
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