Dilemmas of Scale in America's Federal Democracy

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April 2003



This book focuses on local traditions, seeking to recapture their origins, explain their impact and assess their worth.


List of tables; Acknowledgments; Foreword Michael J. Lacey; Introduction Martha Derthick; Part I. Citizenship and Local Self-Government: 1. City life and citizenship James Q. Wilson; 2. Citizen and city: locality, public-spiritedness and the American regime Stephen L. Elkin; Part II. Local Self-Government in American Political History: 3. The origins and influence of early American local self-government: Democracy in America reconsidered Pauline Maier; 4. Localism, political parties and civic virtue Sidney M. Milkis; 5. How many communities? The evolution of American federalism Martha Derthick; 6. Local practice in transition: from government to governance Kathryn M. Doherty and Clarence N. Stone; Part III. The Place of Locality in Current Policy Choice: 7. The ideo-logics of urban land-use politics Alan A. Altshuler; 8. Local government and environmental policy Marc K. Landy; 9. Local self-government in education: community, citizenship and charter schools Gregory R. Weiher and Chris Cookson; 10. Net gains: the Voting Rights Act and Southern local government Richard M. Valelly; 11. The people's court? Federal judges and criminal justice William D. Hagedorn and John J. DiIulio Jr; Afterword: federalism and community Philip Selznick; Contributors; Index.
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