Global Rangelands

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Although traditionally defined as areas where natural vegetation is exploited for grazing by domestic and native herbivores, rangelands are used by many different people for a host of purposes. As well as livestock products, rangelands provide fuels, minerals and water, and are used for ecotourism, recreation, nature conservation and as carbon sinks. More than half of the earth's land surface is rangeland and millions of people, both within and outside the rangelands, depend on them. This book addresses the important issues confronting the rangelands and presents new concepts and approaches for the management of rangeland resources. It is relevant to the people who live in or depend on the rangelands, and to the institutions and organizations that support them.


Managing grazing; range management and plant functional types; people and plant invasions; accounting for rangeland resources; desertification and soil processes; rehabilitation of mined surfaces; economics and ecology - working together for better policy; international perspectives on rangelands; future shocks to people and rangelands; rangelands livelihoods in the 21st century; indigenous people in rangelands; rangelands - people and rangeland biodiversity; integrating management of land and water resources - the social, economic and environmental consequences or tree management in rangelands; policies, planning and institutions for sustainable resource use: a participatory approach; building the future - a human development perspective; people and rangelands - building the future; building the future in rural development, education and communication; people - the future needs; a vision for rangelands.


"As a state-of-the-art account of where rangeland science is at present, this is a useful source of information."
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