Developing Vocabulary for College Thinking

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"Developing Vocabulary for College Thinking" is a structured approach to learning vocabulary that considers the importance of many different types of interactions with words. Offers readers multiple strategies for vocabulary development, giving them the chance to combine and reinforce differing methods of learning. A series of readings in Part Two provides opportunities for readers to work with unfamiliar vocabulary in context. Post-Tests provide readers with opportunities to assess their progress. Aims to increase readers' reading comprehension as well as develop vocabulary skills. For those interested in expanding their vocabulary.


All chapters include â Building Blocks,â â Vocabulary Activities for Readings,â and â Summary.â I.GENERATIVE STRATEGIES AND PRACTICE. 1.Knowing a Word.
Malcolm X, My Alma Matter. Jennifer Tanaka, Getting Personal. Kendall Hamilton and Tessa Namuth, Sticky Stuff. 2.Generative Vocabulary Strategies.
Dorinda Elliot, Learning to Think. Geoffrey Cowley and Adam Rogers, Vats, Fats, and Rats. 1962: The Court Bans Public School Prayer. 3.Dictionary Use.
Sharon Begley, A Bigger Hole in the Ozone. Donna Foote and Sarah Van Boven, You Could Get Raped. Jerry McKnight, MLK: The Man and the Myth. 4.Word Elements.
Claudia Kalb, The Pill That Transformed America. Adam Rogers, Television. Jerry Adler, The Anatomy of Stress. II.ADDITIONAL READING AND PRACTICE ACTIVITIES. Jerry Adler, When Harry Called Sallyâ ¦Why Men and Women Can't Communicate. Jim Dwyer, Peter Neufeld, and Barry Scheck, When Justice Lets Us Down. Zachary Schiller, Walescia Konrad, and Stephanie Anderson Forest, If You Light Up on Sunday, Don't Come in on Monday. Mary Sherry, In Praise of the F Word. David Bouchier, Confessions of a Former Chauvinist Pig. Robert L. Samuelson, The Internet and Gutenberg. Rachel Carson, A Fable for Tomorrow. Joe Klein, The Education of Berenice Belizaire. Jared Sandberg with Elizabeth Angell and Jennifer Tanaka, The Players: Case Study.
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