Montanism: Gender, Authority and the New Prophecy

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Juni 2002



The first study in English of Montanism since 1878, covering the role of women.


Preface; Part I. Beginnings: 1.1 The study of Montanism; 1.2 The geography of the Prophecy: Ardabau, Pepuza and Tymion; 1.3 The date of the Prophecy; Part II. The New Prophecy to Hippolytus and Tertullian: 2.1 The Prophecy in Asia Minor and beyond; 2.2 The Prophecy in Rome; 2.3 Africa and Tertullian; Part III. The Teachings of the Early Prophecy: 3.1 Montanus: the man and the oracles; 3.2 Prophecy and ecstasy; 3.3 Eschatology; 3.4 Fasting and feasting in the prophecy; 3.5 Fornication, celibacy and marriage; 3.6 Forgiveness; 3.7 Observations on Montanist discipline; 3.8 Confession and martyrdom; 3.9 The controversy about Scripture and revelation; 3.10 What was the New Prophecy?; Part IV. Montanism and Women: 4.1 The first women Prophets; 4.2 Priscillianism or Montanism: who founded and led the New Prophecy?; 4.3 The oracles and visions of Priscilla, Maximilla and Quintilla; 4.4 Ongoing female prophecy and witness; 4.5 Ideal woman, ideal martyr; 4.6 The clericalisation of the women; 4.7 Comment on Montanism and women; Part V. The Fate of Montanism: 5.1 Later Montanism: ecclesiology and epigraphy; 5.2 Montanism and the heresies; 5.3 The destruction of Montanism; Notes; Select bibliography; Indexes: Scholars' names; Subjects, ancient names and places.


"The book is a must for students of the early church...Her solid treatment of this rich topic should prove to be a challenge and a treasure to Christians of widely divergent interests: feminists and their critics, charismatics and their critics, advocates of particular loci of religious authority and their critics. Montanism could engage the attention and imagination of all these and more." Rebecca Harden Weaver, Interpretation "Trevett's book is a welcome addition to an understudied area." Lori Beaman-Hall, Sociology of Religion
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