Rate Equations in Semiconductor Electronics

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Dezember 2002



This is a novel approach to teaching dynamic aspects of the operation of semiconductor and opto-electronic devices. The traditional approach emphasizes an understanding of the steady equilibrium operation. However, dynamic aspects often determine the steady state conditions and the dynamical operation is of increasing importance as modern methods of communicating data and information require electronic devices that switch electrical or optical signals at ever faster rates. The opening chapter considers a number of simple problems, several drawn from daily experience, where the rates of movement can be used to determine equilibrium states. The remainder of the book concentrates on specific problems in semiconductor physics: the rates at which transistors and diodes can switch, and the rates at which electrons and holes can interact with photons, and photons with photons.


Preface; 1. Introduction to rate equations; 2. Elementary rate equations in semiconductors; 3. Rates of switching; 4. Rates of change and transfer in phase space; 5. Rate equations in quantum electronics; 6. Rate equations in optoelectronic devices; 7. Advanced topics in rate equations; Appendices; Notes on solutions; References; Index.


"Anyone interested in the dynamics of semiconductor devices will find Professor Carroll's book useful...a good book! Contemporary Physics
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