Professional and Technical Writing: Problem Solving at Work

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Dezember 2001



Taking a research-based, integrated problem solving approach to technical and professional writing, this volume provides a model that illustrates real working-world solutions to problems that readers are likely to encounter in the workplace. Designed to show that problem solving is a multidimensional process, each chapter begins with a short scenario case study that deals with theoretical or applied issues of technical and professional communication, thereby preparing users to excel in the professional world. The volume addresses a variety of forms of professionalism and problem solving including technical and rhetorical problem solving, solving problems through research, reports and completion reports, proposals, letters and memoranda's, solving problems through trip reports, feasibility studies, and lab reports, policy statements, manuals, and procedures, as well as solving problems in the professional job search, through document design, and through oral presentations.


1. Professionalism and Problem Solving. 2. Technical Problem Solving. 3. Rhetorical Problem Solving. 4. Solving Problems Through Advanced Research. 5. Collaborative Writing and the Uses of Technology. 6. Solving Problems Through Proposals. 7. Solving Problems Through Progress (Periodic) Reports and Completion Reports. 8. Solving Problems Through Trip Reports, Feasibility Studies, and Scientific Reports. 9. Solving Problems Through Policy Statements, Manuals, and Procedures. 10. Solving Problems Through Letters and Memoranda. 11. Solving Problems in the Professional Job Search. 12. Solving Problems Through Document Design. 13. Solving Problems Through Oral Presentations. Appendix. Index.


"Too often technical writing and business communication books do not fulfill their own suggestions. This text does, and it is a superior product as a result." - David Marshall, University of North Dakota "The case study beginning each chapter in Kennedy & Montgomery's text is an indispensable discussion of how technical writing plays a concrete role in the working world ... When teaching this course, the make or break of the book depends upon the author's ability to make the assignments and material real to the students." - Dr. David Strong, Winona State University
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