The Psychology of Learning: A Student Workbook

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Juni 2003



This unique workbook promotes an active, hands-on, constructivist approach to the study of the Psychology of Learning, one that follows Bloom's (1956) taxonomy of instructional objectives. The constructivist approach encourages the reader to discover the answers to problems rather than simply look up solutions in a book. This approach assumes that, for information to be remembered, the reader must "discover" information and "manipulate" it by checking new information against old information, revising assumptions, beliefs, and knowledge when the old information no longer seems to work. This workbook replaces the passivity of memorizing definitions and procedures with the activities of graphing and interpreting of functional relations--the pillars of theory. Learning and Variables; Functions and Graphs; Basic Principles of Pavlovian Conditioning; Complexities of Pavlovian Conditioning; The Rescorla-Wagner Model; Principles of Operant Conditioning; "Creating" Behavior (Shaping); Schedules of Reinforcement; What Is a Reinforcer?; Punishment and Avoidance; "Simple" Stimulus Control; "Complex" Stimulus Control (Cognitive Processes); Choice and Self-Control (Allocation of Behavior).


Module 1: Learning and Variables. Module 2: Graphs and Functions. Module 3: Habituation and Its Properties. Module 4: Basic Principles of Pavlovian Conditioning. Module 5: Complexities of Pavlovian Conditioning. Module 6: The Rescorla-Wagner Model: The Basics. Module 7: The Rescorla-Wagner Model: Advanced Issues. Module 8: Reinforcement. Module 9: "Creating" Behavior: Shaping. Module 10: Schedules of Reinforcement. Module 11: Punishment, Escape, and Avoidance. Module 12: "Simple" Stimulus Control. Module 13: "Complex" Stimulus Control. Module 14: Choice and Preference: The Basics of Matching Law. Module 15: Extensions of the Matching Law.
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