A History of the University in Europe: Volume 1, Universities in the Middle Ages

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August 2003



This is the first of four volumes that will comprise A History of the University in Europe, covering the development of the university in Europe (East and West) from its origins to the present day. No other up-to-date, comprehensive history of this type exists: its originality lies in focusing on a number of major themes viewed from a European perspective, and in its interdisciplinary, collaborative and transnational character. Volume I, covering the Middle Ages, places the medieval European universities in their social and political context. After explaining the number and types of universities from their origins in the twelfth century to around 1500, it examines the inner workings as an institution and paints a general picture of medieval student life.


Foreword Walter Ruegg; Part I. Themes and Patterns: 1. Themes Walter Ruegg; 2. Patterns Jacques Verger; Part II. Structures: 3. Relations with authority Paolo Nardi; 4. Management and resources Aleksander Gieysztor; 5. Teachers Jacques Verger; Part III. Students: 6. Admission Rainer Christoph Schwinges; 7. Student education, student life Rainer Christoph Schwinges; 8. Careers of graduates Peter Moraw; 9. Mobility Hilde de Ridder-Symoens; Part IV. Learning: 10. The faculty of arts Gordon Leff; 2. The Quadrivium John North; 11. The faculty of medicine Nancy Siraisi; 12. The faculties of law Antonio Garcia Y. Garcia; 13. The faculty of theology Monika Asztalos; Epilogue: the rise of humanism Walter Ruegg.


"This volume, the first of four parts of a general history of the European university, belongs in every college, university, and seminary library...it presents a comprehensive social, cultural, and to some extent intellectual history of the development of instutionalized higher learning in Europe from the time of the founding of the University of Bologna in the late twelfth century to the rise of Humanism around 1500." Susan Rosa, Sixteenth Century Journal "...an important work of comparative history." Italian Quarterly
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