A Bond Scheme for Common Agricultural Policy Reform

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Juli 2004



The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is at an impasse. While it is said that existing policies are not tenable, all recent reform plans have been condemned as unacceptable. However, a bond scheme, as part of reform that pays more attention to society 's aspirations for the environment and rural development, offers a way forward. This book demystifies the bond scheme proposal and explores concerns expressed by farmers and policy makers. Written by economists, a political scientist and a practicing politician, it offers rare insights into EU farm policy.


Decoupled payments and a triad of policy objectives; compensation proposals; a bond scheme to facilitate CAP reform; from CAP to CARPE; why a bond scheme was not adopted in 1992; implementing a bond scheme; asking farmers; the Doha Round and EU enlargement. (Part contents.)


"This book offers the most comprehensive and evidence-based account to date of a bond scheme that would provide decoupled compensation payments to farmers for a number of years, helping them to adjust to policy change."
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