Numbers, Groups and Codes

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This thoroughly revised and updated version of the popular textbook on abstract algebra introduces students to easily understood problems and concepts. John Humphreys and Mike Prest include many examples and exercises throughout the book to make it more appealing to students and instructors. The second edition features new sections on mathematical reasoning and polynomials. In addition, three chapters have been completely rewritten and all others have been updated. First Edition Pb (1990): 0-521-35938-4


1. Number theory; 2. Sets, functions and relations; 3. Logic and mathematical argument; 4. Examples of groups; 5. Group theory and error-correcting codes; 6. Polynomials.


'This book is a lucid introduction to the subject which would make a suitable text for a one-semester course in the undergraduate program. It is very useful to everybody who want to understand the concepts of algebra and group theory and their relation to applications, particularly in computer science.' Zentralblatt MATH
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