Autonomy, Self-Governance, and Conflict Resolution: Innovative Approaches to Institutional Design in Divided Societies

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April 2005



Conflicts over the rights of self-defined population groups to determine their own destiny within the boundaries of existing states are among the most violent forms of inter-communal conflict.
Many experts agree that autonomy regimes are a useful framework within which competing claims to self-determination can be accommodated. This volume explores and analyses the different options available. The contributors assess the current state of the theory and practice of institutional design for the settlement of self-determination conflicts, and also compare and contrast detailed case studies on autonomous regimes in the former Yugoslavia, the Crimea, A...land, Northern Ireland, Latin America, Indonesia and Vietnam.


Introduction; 1. Autonomy in Ethnically Plural Societies: Limits and Opportunities for Managing and Preventing Self-Determination Conflicts - Stefan Wolff" and - Mark Weller"; 2. The Model of Self-Governance and Regional Integration as an Instrument to Enhance Peace, Stability, and Prosperity - Wolfgang Danspeckgruber"; 3. Enforced Autonomy and Self-governance: The Post-Yugoslav Experience; Marc Weller"; 4. The Crimean Autonomy: Innovation or Anomaly?; Bill Bowring"; 5. The Status of Autonomous Territories in International Organizations: Experiences in Nordic and Continental European Co-operation; 6. Regional Consociations and the Criteria of Their Stability: Brussels, Northern Ireland and South Tyrol Compared; Stefan Wolff"; 7. Indigenous Peoples and State Transformation in Latin America: A Comparative Analysis of Autonomy Regimes - Willem Assies"; 8. Decentralisation, Devolution and Regional Autonomy in Indonesia; Mark Turner"; 9. Grassroots Democracy' in Vietnam - Ensuring Effective Participation in minorities in Public Decisions that affect them?; Florence Benoit-Rohmer" and - Erik Friberg"; 10. Complex Institutional Design Approaches for Resolving Self-determination Conflicts through Autonomy Regimes; Recent Trends in Theory and Practice; Marc Weller" and - Stefan Wolff";


'The authors of each of the books sections provide a wealth of interesting cases, the writings in this volume draw a gripping picture of the media's changing role within it, from an instrument of autocratic power to an independent voice.' - Political Studies Review
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