The Moral Dimensions of Public Policy Choice: Beyond the Market Paradigm

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Oktober 1992



Policy analysis has long been dominated by assumptions developed for the examination of markets, such as efficiency. This collection of essays explores alternatives to the market "paradigm" and shows how moral discrimination and choice can extend beyond the individual to encompass public decisions.


Benefit-Cost Analysis of Environmental Regulation, John A Haigh et al; The Methodology of Cost-Benefit Analysis, Ezra J. Mishan and Talbot Page; Policy Science - Analysis or Ideology?, Laurence H. Tribe; Cost-Benefit Analysis, Steven Kelman; Efficiency and Utility, Amrk Sagoff; Utilitarianism and Cost-Benefit Analysis, Alasdair MacIntyre; The Ethical Poverty of Cost-Benefit Methods, John Martin Gillroy; Difficulties in the Economic Analysis of Rights, Charles Fried; Collective Action as an Enforcement of Property Rights, Harold Demsetz; Public Goods, Property Rights and Political Organization, Duncan Snidal; Difficulties in the Notion of Economic Rationality, Russell Hardin; Welfare Economics and the Liberal Tradition, Brian Barry; Public and Private Choice, R.Paul Churchill; Economic and Political Rationality, Stephen L. Elkin; Why Political Questions Are Not All Economic, Mark Sagoff; The Place of Principles in Policy Analysis, Charles W. Anderson; Ethical Principles for Environmental Protection, Robert E. Goodin; Hume's Political Philosophy, Maurice Wade; Intergenerational Justice as Opportunity, Talbot Page; The Inalienability of Autonomy, Arthur Kuflik; A Kantian Argument Supporting Public Policy Choice, John Martin Gillroy.
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