Geography and History: Bridging the Divide

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Januar 2005



Alan Baker considers locational geographies and spatial histories, environmental geographies and environmental histories, landscape geographies and landscape histories, and regional geographies and regional histories. Seeking to bridge the "Great Divide" between history and geography, Baker identifies basic principles relating historical geography not only to history but also to geography, a reworking which signifies a "new beginning" for this scholarly hybrid.


Preface; 1. On the relations of history and geography; 2. Locational geographies and histories; 3. Environmental geographies and histories; 4. Landscape geographies and histories; 5. Regional geographies and histories; 6. Reflections; Bibliography; Index.


Alan Baker is an internationally renowned historical geographer who in 1998 was honoured by France as a Chevalier dans l'Order des Palmes Academiques for his contribution to the field.


'In this erudite study, Alan Baker makes a cogent case for the interdependence of geography and history ... The fruits of extensive reading, which has been international in scope, are evident in a bibliography of over 1100 items ... This book is a true tour de force. It will be of lasting value as a work of reference for advanced students and researchers.' Geography
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