Current Essays and Reports in Information Retrieval and Data Mining: An Annotated Bibliography of Shorter Monographs

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Data mining is a technique used to discover and present data in useful form to support decision making. This work responds to the need for a multi-disciplinary research resource, offering various perspectives on the social construction of reality and how different people make sense of the same information at different times.


Chapter 1 Preface Chapter 2 Introduction Part 3 Information Retrieval Part 4 Data Mining Part 5 Human Factors Chapter 6 Major Serial Publications Chapter 7 Author Index Chapter 8 Editor Index Chapter 9 About the Authors


Gwen Alexander is the associate dean for administration for Wichita State University Libraries. Joan Brichacek Wilson currently works in the Acquisitions Department at Wichita State University. John H. Williams has been the acquisitions manager at Wichita State University Libraries since 1996.


...useful to readers with some experience in the field, or doctoral students and others who want to get an overview of one or several aspects of information retrieval and data mining...helpful to anyone wishing to publish or retrieve articles related [to] the subject scope of the bibliography. Information Research The 778 books, papers, and articles in this bibliography report on progress being made in information retrieval and data mining, particularly the efficiency of query returns. A third section lists literature on how searchers approach retrieval and their behavior as they proceed with analysis of search results. A one or two sentence summary accompanies each entry. Reference and Research Book News
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