The Cambridge Companion to Berkeley

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November 2005



In this Companion volume distinguished authors examine George Berkeley's achievements and contributions to modern philosophy.


1. Berkeley's life and works David Berman; 2. Was Berkeley an empiricist or a rationalist? Michael Ayers; 3. Berkeley's notebooks Robert McKim; 4. Berkeley's new theory of vision and its reception Margaret Atherton; 5. Berkeley and the doctrine of signs Kenneth P. Winkler; 6. Berkeley's argument for immaterialism Anthony Grayling; 7. Berkeley on minds and agency Philip D. Cummins; 8. Berkeley's natural philosophy and philosophy of science Lisa Downing; 9. Berkeley's philosophy of mathematics Douglas M. Jesseph; 10. Berkeley's moral and political philosophy Stephen Darwall; 11. Berkeley's economic writings Partick Kelly; 12. Berkeley on religion Stephen R. Clark.


This excellent addition to the Cambridge Companions series brings together contributions by a number of outstanding Berkeley scholars...Among the virtues of this collection is its scope. Berkeley's epistemological and metaphysical doctrines are, of course, examined in detail, but there are also essays on his views about mathematics, science, ethics, politics and religion. The book includes an excellent, topically arranged bibliography." -Charles McCraken, Michigan State University, British Journal for the History of Philosophy "The Cambridge Companion to Berkeley is an excellent resource...There is undoubtedly plenty of material here for specialists to engage with." -Nick Jones, University of Leeds, British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies "An impressive collection...The Cambridge Companion to Berkeley is an excellent volume, covering a wide range of topics -- from metaphysical, epistemological and ethical issues to his philosophy of mathematics and natural science, as for sure his deep concern for religious matters. It will be helpful to students and of great interest to Berkeley scholars." -Gabriele Mras, University of Vienna, Metapsychology
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