The Cambridge Companion to John Donne

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This collection of specially written essays offers a comprehensive introduction to John Donne - the pre-eminent metaphysical poet, and one of the greatest lyric poets of all time, whose intellect and irreverent wit has left a mark and influence on English poetry. An invaluable guide for both student and teacher, the essays offer the most up-to-date scholarship and introduce students to the current thinking and debates about Donne. Special features include a chronology; a meditation on Donne by the contemporary novelist A. S. Byatt; and an extensive bibliography of editions and criticism.


Chronology; 1. Donne's life: a sketch Jonathan F. S. Post; 2. The text of Donne's writings Ted-Larry Pebworth; 3. The social context and nature of Donne's writing: occasional verse and letters Arthur F. Marotti; 4. Literary contexts: predecessors and contemporaries Andrew Hadfield; 5. Donne's religious world Alison Shell and Arnold Hunt; 6. Donne's political world Tom Cain; 7. Reading and rereading Donne's poetry Judith Herz; 8. Satirical writing: Donne in shadows Annabel Patterson; 9. Erotic poetry Achsah Guibbory; 10. Devotional writing Helen Wilcox; 11. Donne as preacher Peter McCullough; 12. Donne's language: the conditions of communication Lynne Magnusson; 13. Gender matters: the women in Donne's poems Ilona Bell; 14. Facing death Ramie Targoff; 15. Donne's afterlife Dayton Haskin; 16. Feeling thought: Donne and the embodied mind A. S. Byatt; 17. Select bibliography L. E. Semler.


Achsah Guibbory is Professor of English at Barnard College, Columbia University. She is the author of The Map of Time: Seventeenth-Century English Literature and Ideas of Pattern in History (1986), Ceremony and Community from Herbert to Milton: Literature, Religion and Cultural Conflict in Seventeenth-Century England (1998), and has written numerous articles on seventeenth-century English literature and culture, and on John Donne. Her essay on Donne's Elegies, published in ELH (1990), was winner of the award from the John Donne Society for distinguished publication.


'... important ... the first comprehensive guide to Donne's work ...' Times Literary Supplement ' ... important... the first comprehensive guide to Donne's works ...' Contemporary Review '... libraries serving the humanities should have this book on their shelves as it is sure to be consulted by students and teachers - and general readers - who are eager to find out more about one of the most rewarding of our poets.' Reference Reviews 'The volume is refreshing in its inclusion of a sociolinguistic exploration of the works, as well as an electrifying final piece by A. S. Byatt ... This companion more than deserves to be on our libraries' shelves, enjoying pride of place next to its older siblings on Jonson, Marlowe, Shakespeare and Spenser'. English Studies
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