American Standards of Living: The Dakota and Lakota Nations

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Februar 2002



Drawing on a number of virtually uptapped sources of data, this book presents a vivid and extremely detailed picture of the daily lives of working and middle class American families from the end of World War 1 to the 1980s. This book will add discussion about how much the US can expect living standards to increase for the next generaion in a globalized economy.


1. Economic Growth, Living Standards and Social Welfare. 2. Modelling and Measuring the Standard of Living. 3. Consuming the Products of Mechanization, 1918. 4. Living in the Midst of Depression, 1935. 5. Entering the Age of Affluence, 1950. 6. Reaching Economic Supremacy, 1973. 7. Living with Technological Change and Economic Stagnation, 1988. 8. Conclusion. Appendix. Index.


Professor of Economics at the Institute of Industrial Relations, University of California, Berkeley.
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