The School and Society

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April 1980



First published in 1899, "The School and Society "describes John Dewey's experiences with his own famous Laboratory School, started in 1896. Dewey's experiments at the Labora-tory School reflected his original social and educational philosophy based on American experience and concepts of democracy, not on European education models then in vogue. This forerunner of the major works shows Dewey's per-vasive concern with the need for a rich, dynamic, and viable society. In his introduction to this volume, Joe R. Burnett states Dewey's theme. Industrialization, urbanization, science, and technology have created a revolution the schools cannot ignore. Dewey carries this theme through eight chapters: The School and Social Progress; The School and the Life of the Child; Waste in Education; Three Years of the University Elementary School; The Psychology of Elementary Education; Froebel's Educa-tional Principles; The Psychology of Occupations; and the Development of Attention.


Joe R. Burnett is Professor of History and Philosophy of Education at the University of Illinois, Champaign.
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