Rockabilly: A Bibliographic Resource Guide

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Juni 1990



Extensive lists of printed resources on 35 years of rockabilly performers, ranging from Charlie Feathers, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Elvis Presley to Shakin' Stevens, The Cramps, and The Stray Cats. Includes more than 220 rockabilly singers and instrumentalists.


B.Lee Cooper is Academic Vice President and Professor of History at Olivet College, MI. His previous publications include Images of American Society in Popular Music (1982), The Popular Music Handbook (1984), The Literature of Rock II (with Frank Hoffmann, Scarecrow, 1986), and A Resource Guide to Themes in Contemporary American Song Lyrics, 1950-1985 (1986). Wayne S. Haney, BME, is a postulant for the priesthood with the Diocese of Western Michigan (Episcopal) and is attending the Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria. Formerly Associate Director of the Academic Resource Center at Olivet College, Mr. Haney is an organist and computer specialist who has co-authored Response Recordings: An Answer Song Discography, 1950-1990 (Scarecrow, 1990) with B. Lee Cooper.


The team of Cooper and Haney has once again come through with a useful book to help guide us through the burgeoning mass of popular-music literature. Sonneck Society Bulletin ...a considerable achievement and a pioneer in the study of rockabilly... Theatre Of Rock ...worth buying...anyone interested in Charlie Feathers to Stray Cats will love this book. Coast Book Review Service ...valuable due to the meager bibliographic coverage of rockabilly at present. American Reference Books Annual
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