Directing in the Theatre: A Casebook

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Juni 1994



The revised edition offers an expanded array of materials, organized into cases and shorter 'briefs, ' for use in the study of directing. There are new cases covering issues of censorship, non-traditional casting, theater safety, and ethics among others. The corresponding Instructor's Manual is available free upon request


Part 1 List of Cases Part 2 Preface to the Second Edition Part 3 Preface to the First Edition Part 4 Introduction: Learning Through the Case Method Chapter 5 I. The Director: An Overview (Cases1-5) Chapter 6 II. The Director: Pre-Production (Cases 6-10) Chapter 7 III. The Director: Casting and Rehearsals (Cases 11-18) Chapter 8 IV. Working with Actors (Cases 19-27) Chapter 9 V. Working with Other Collaborators (Cases 28-34) Chapter 10 VI. Special Porblems in Directing (Cases 35-47) Part 11 About the Author


J. Robert Wills is professor of theatre and provost at Pacific Lutheran University. He has also taught and directed at Wittenburg University, The University of Kentucky, and The University of Texas at Austin. His articles about theatre have appeared in two dozen journals, and his The Director in a Changing Theatre was published in 1976.
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