Who's Who in Egyptian Mythology: 2nd Ed.: 2nd Ed.

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Alphabetically arranged entries on all the major gods, goddesses, myths, and themes of Egyptian mythology.


Anthony S. Mercatante authored many books and articles on religion, mythology, and folklore. He was founder and Director of the Mythos Center in New York City, which is devoted to the study of religion as expressed in world mythology. Robert Steven Bianchi, an independent academic who serves as one of two national re-elected American representatives to the International Association of Egyptologists, is President of the Egyptological Seminar of New York, and a contributing editor to Archaeology Magazine.


This readable dictionary, with 50 pen-and-ink drawings is extremely informative as well as entertaining. Booklist The book is useful not only in its exhaustive coverage of all the deities of the ancient Egyptians, but also in the fascinating entries featured for a host of subjects relating to the religious, cultural, artistic and everyday objects of the period. Reference Reviews ...I always reach for my 'Mercatante,' for a clear, accurate and succinct description; thus saving me valuable research time. -- Wendy Kuhne, President, Ancient World Arts, Ltd.
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