Making of Urban America: Second Edition: Second Edition

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The process by which a group of small colonial settlements in an untamed wilderness grew into a highly industrialized and urbanized nation is one of the central and most important themes of American history. The updated Making of Urban America provides a superb collection of essays for students and teachers on the many facets of urban development through history. This detailed and well-researched study traces urban development from the preindustrial city to the twentieth-century city. With emphasis on the social, economic, political, commercial, and cultural aspects of urban history, these essays illustrate the growth and change that brought about modern-day urban life. In his extensive historiographical analysis of urban America, Professor Raymond Mohl introduces the reader to current literature and perspectives on urban history. Dynamic topics such as technology, immigration and ethnicity, suburbanization, sunbelt cities, urban political history, and planning and housing are examined. The Making of Urban America is the only reader available covering all of U.S. urban history and includes the most recent interpretive scholarship on the subject.


Part I: The Preindustrial City
Chapter 1: The Social Evolution of Preindustrial American Cities, 1700-1820
Chapter 2: Strumpets and Misogynists: Brothel "Riots" and the Transformation of Prostitution in Antebellum New York City
Chapter 3: The Enemy Within: Some Effects of Foreign Immigrants on Antebellum Southern Cities
Chapter 4: The American Parade: Representations of the Nineteenth-Century Social Order
Part II: The Industrial City
Chapter 5: The Centrality of the Horse in the Nineteenth-Century American City
Chapter 6: Underworlds and Underdogs: Big Tim Sullivan and Metropolitan Politics in New York, 1889-1913
Chapter 7: The "Poor Man's Friend": Saloonkeepers, Workers, and the Code of Reciprocity in U.S. Barrooms, 1870-1920
Chapter 8: Leisure and Labor
Chapter 9: Chicago's 1919 Race Riot: Ethnicity, Class, and Urban Violence
Part III: The Twentieth-Century City
Chapter 10: Music and Mass Culture in Mexican-American Los Angeles
Chapter 11: The New Deal in Dallas
Chapter 12: Harold and Dutch: A Comparative Look at Chicago's and New Orlean's First Black Mayors
Chapter 13: Blacks and Hispanics in Multicultural America: A Miami Case Study
Chapter 14: Bold New City or Built-up 'Burb? Redefining Contemporary Suburbia
Part IV: The Historiography of Urban America
Chapter 15: New Perspectives on American Urban History


A testament to the diversity of topics, theories, and researchers who find a home in the field of urban history today. The essays written by Mohl show how the research of historians and other urbanists over the last forty years can flow together to form a coherent story of America's development and urbanization. -- Georgina Hickey, Georgia Southern University Highly recommended for any involved in urban studies programs at the college level. Midwest Book Review
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