American Mixed Race: The Culture of Microdiversity

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This exciting multidisciplinary collection brings together twenty-two original essays by scholars on the cutting edge of racial theory, who address both the American concept of race and the specific problems experienced by those who do not fit neatly into the boxes society requires them to check.


Chapter 1 Introduction Part 2 Autobiography Chapter 3 Five Arrows Chapter 4 Color Fades Over Time Chapter 5 Racelessness Chapter 6 Check the Box That Best Describes You Chapter 7 What Are They? Part 8 Art Chapter 9 From Melodrama to the Movies Chapter 10 The Theater of Identity Chapter 11 The Go-Between People Part 12 Social Science Chapter 13 The Hawaiian Alternative to the One-Drop Rule Chapter 14 Some Kind of Indian Chapter 15 Exploring the Social Construction of Race Chapter 16 Therapeutic Perspectives on Biracial Identity Formation and Internalized Oppression Part 17 Public Policy Chapter 18 Grassroots Advocacy Chapter 19 Testimony of the Association of Multi Ethnic Americans Chapter 20 Multiracial Identity Assertion in the Sociopolitical Context of Primary Education Chapter 21 Yankee Imperialism and Imperialist Nostalgia Part 22 Identity Theory Chapter 23 The Multiracia Contribution to the Psychological Browning of America Chapter 24 Made in the USA Chapter 25 Mestizo Identity Chapter 26 Race and Racism Chapter 27 Ethnic Transgressions: Confessions of an Assimilated Jew Chapter 28 Life After Race


Naomi Zack is assistant professor of philosophy at the State University of New York, Albany.


It may be the most important work yet in a movement that could change all our racial discourse in the classrooms, on suburban streets and in the alleys of our cities, in our political debates, and in our innermost understanding of who we are. -- Jorge Garcia, Rutgers University A thought-provoking collection that addresses the concerns of a growing social movement. Ethics These essays provide interesting and evocative interpretations and analyses of the history of American understandings of race. Humanity and Society A valuable aid for anyone doing serious research on the meanings of race in the American context, and ... a valuable educational resource for students of the subject as well. -- Lewis R. Gordon, Brown University
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