Entropy Generation Minimization

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Presents the diverse field of Entropy Generation Minimization (EGM), the method of thermodynamic optimization of real devices. This book combines the fundamental principles of thermodynamics, heat transfer, and fluid mechanics.


List of Symbols Thermodynamics Concepts and Laws Definitions Closed Systems Open Systems The Momentum Theorem Useful Steps in Problem Solving The Temperature-Energy Interaction Diagram, and the Entropy Interaction-Energy Interaction Diagram Problems Entropy Generation and Exergy Destruction The Gouy-Stodola Theorem Systems Communicating with More than One Heat Reservoir Adiabatic Systems Exergy Analysis of Steady Flow Processes Exergy Analysis of Non-Flow Processes Characteristic Features of Irreversible Systems and Processes Problems Entropy Generation in Fluid Flow Relationship between Entropy Generation and Viscous Dissipation Laminar Flow Turbulent Flow The Transition Buckling Theory of Turbulent Flow Entropy Generation in "Isothermal" Turbulent Flow The Bernoulli Equation Entropy Generation in Heat Transfer The Local Rate of Entropy Generation in Convective Heat Transfer Fluid Friction vs. Heat Transfer Irreversibility Internal Flows External Flows Conduction Heat Transfer Convective Mass Transfer General Heat Exchanger Passage Heat Transfer Augmentation Techniques Problems Heat Exchangers Counterflow Heat Exchangers Heat Exchangers with Negligible Pressure Drop Irreversibility The Three-Part Structure of Heat Exchanger Irreversibility Two-Phase-Flow Heat Exchangers Other Heat Exchanger Entropy Generation Studies Distribution of Heat Exchanger Area on the Absolute Temperature Scale Distribution of Heat Transfer Area in Counterflow Heat Exchangers Problems Insulation Systems Power Plants and Refrigeration Plants as Insulation Systems The Generation of Entropy in an Insulation with Fixed Geometry Optimum Continuous Cooling Regime Counterflow Heat Exchangers as One-Dimensional Insulations Parallel Insulations Intermediate Cooling or Heating of Insulation Systems for Power and Refrigeration Plants Problems Storage Systems Sensible Heat Storage Optimum Heating and Cooling Processes Subject to Time Constraint Hot Storage vs. Cold Storage Latent Heat Storage Power Generation Model with Bypass Heat Leak and Two Finite-Size Heat Exchangers Power Plant Viewed as an Insulation Between Heat Source and Ambient Combined-Cycle Power Plant Optimal Combustion Chamber Temperature Other Power Plant Optimization Studies Why Maximum Power Means Minimum Entropy Generation Rate Maximum Power from Fluid Flow Problems Solar-Thermal Power Generation Models with Collector Heat Loss to the Ambient Collector-Ambient Heat Loss and Collector-Engine Heat Exchanger Collector-Ambient Heat Loss and Engine-Ambient Heat Exchanger Storage by Melting Extraterrestrial Solar Power Plant Nonisothermal Collectors Time-Varying Conditions Other Areas of Solar Power Conversion Study Problems Refrigeration Refrigeration Plant Model with Heat Transfer Irreversibilities Model with Heat Leak in Parallel with Reversible Compartment Model with Cold End Heat Exchanger and Room Temperature Heat Exchanger Minimization of the Heat-Leak Entropy Generation Problems Time-Dependent Operation Defrosting Refrigerators Cleaning the Heat Exchanger of a Power Plant Power Plants Driven by Heating from a Bed of Hot Dry Rock Maximum Rate of Ice Production Problems Appendices Local Entropy Generation Rate Variational Calculus Author Index Subject Index
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