Balancing Act: The New Medical Ethics of Medicine's New Economics

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März 1995



The Clinical Medical Ethics series explores central themes and issues in bioethics and health care policy in single-author short volumes. Written to be accessible to physicians, nurses, lawyers, and those working on health policy, not just specialists in ethics or bioethics, each volume offers a new approach to the subject matter and provides a synthetic account of complex literature.


E. Haavi Morreim is a professor in the Department of Human Values and Ethics, College of Medicine, University of Tennessee.


"An important, thought-provoking book informed by a detailed understanding of medical economics, health care law, and the clinical setting." -- Journal of Law, Medicine, and Ethics "The economic pressure on clinical caregivers to be cost-conscious in health care decisions is the greatest new ethical challenge facing physicians today...none focuses as sharply and effectively on pressures experienced by the practicing physician at the bedside as Haavi Morreim's Balancing Act." -- JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) "Morreim has thoughtfully addressed some difficult issues." -- Business Economics "A thoughtful discussion of the implications of the changing economics of medicine for the obligations of physicians and patients toward one another and toward society as a whole...an excellent book. It applies sophisticated reason and careful scholarship to an extremely important issue at the intersection of philosophy, medicine, economics, and law." -- The Journal of Clinical Ethics "A useful, original, and in many ways refreshingly practical book that challenges contemporary assumptions about doctor-patient relations. Specialists in bioethics will benefit from her lucid account of cost-containment mechanisms; physicians who feel themselves drowning in a sea of paperwork will find light cast on the dark corners of their daily ethical concerns." -- Medical Humanities Review
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