Inp Hbts Growth, Processing and Applications

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November 1994



This work provides a comprehensive overview of current InP HBT technology and its applications. Each chapter is written by a world-renowned expert on topics including crystal growth, processing, physics, modelling, and digital and analog circuits.


Part 1 Introduction: wet chemical etch mixtures for InP; wet chemical etch mixtures for other III-V materials. Part 2 Growth of InP-based heterojunction bipolar transistors: substrate preparation; growth behaviour and control; doping; N-type doping; P-type dopants; growth of device structures; selective epitaxial growth. Part 3 Self-aligned processing of InP-based HBTs: wet chemical processing; wet etching of InP and related compounds; dry etch processing; dry etching of InP and related compounds; device results. Part 4 Non-equilibrium electron transport in heterojunction bipolar transistors: advantages of HBTs; electron transport in semiconductors; the semiclassical approach; preliminary considerations; effect of reducing xb on electron transport; effect of reducing xc on collector transport; ultra-high-frequency performance; comparison of graded and abrupt junction HBTs; comments on semiclassical understanding. Part 5 Device and circuit fabrication, device characteristics, and reliability: device and circuit fabrication; performance of AlInAs/GaInAs HBT over temperature; performance of InP-based double heterojunction bipolar transistors; InP-based HBT reliability. Part 6 Radiation effects on InP-based heterojunction bipolar transistors: previous work; experimental AlInAs/InGaAs total dose experiments; comparison with GaAs/AlGaAs HBTs; GaAs/AlGaAs transient dose results; stimulation of transient ionizing radiation. Part 7 Device physics and modelling: basic device operation; junction design; submicron InP HBT for low-power ultrawideband applications; current transport in abrupt emitter HBTs; device modelling; DC model; small signal model; large signal model; noise; strain-base InP HBT; Gunn oscillations in the collector transit region. Part 8 High speed InP HBT circuits: an overview of InP technology; current-mode logic. Part 9 Analog-to-digital converters using III-V HBTs: III-V HBT device characteristics; a review of high-speed ADC architectures; analog-to-digital converter components; digital-to-analog converters; layout and packaging considerations for ADC circuits; future predictions. Part 10 Millimeter wave generation using InP HBT phototransistors: picosecond optoelectronic measurement system; HBT as a photodetector; transport equations; optical gain; optical gain G and current gain B; transient response and bandwidth of a phototransistor; millimeter wave generation by optically injecting HBTs; CW optical mixing experiments.
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