Family Assessment

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Februar 1989



Focusing primarily on instruments that concern whole family functioning or the functioning of multiple family relationships, FAMILY ASSESSMENT methodically covers measures involving the coding of family interaction, the global rating of family processes, and self-reports of perceptions of family functioning. With the continuity of an authored, rather than an edited text, this authoritative and up-to-date reference encompasses the best current measures in the broad field of family studies, presenting detailed descriptions as well as critical evaluations of selected measures. This innovative work will greatly assist clinicians, researchers, students, and other family scholars in the selection of appropriate measures for research questions or for clinical screening, diagnosis, and treatment evaluation.


Harold D. Grotevant,290 McNeal Hall, Dept. of Social Sciences, University of MN at St. Paul.


"As interest in families has increased over the past few years. the need for a handbook devoted to issues of family assessment has become evident. This volume is a timely and highly useful response to that need. It will be a useful sourcebook for family researchers. The family field owes Grotevant and Carlson a debt of gratitude for this careful and thoughtful volume. " --Ross D. Parke, Ph.D., Editor, "Developmental Psychology"
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