The Swedish Nuclear Dilemma: Energy and the Environment

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Renowned economist William Nordhaus has developed many innovative approaches for analyzing complex environmental questions. He applies them here to the possible phaseout of nuclear power in Sweden, and the book is a major contribution to that debate. Its value extends beyond that issue, however, to the careful consideration of environmental and energy questions that industrialized nations and developing regions now face.In Sweden, a 1980 advisory referendum called for phasing out nuclear power. Parliament declared that existing nuclear reactors should be phased out by 2010. Numerous developments since 1980 -- technological, environmental, economic, and political -- necessitate a fresh look at the referendum. Should the Swedes reconsider the phaseout in light of new information or circumstances?Nordhaus discusses and models the impact of new factors such as possible deregulation of electricity generation, efforts to address global climate change, and the decline of Sweden's economic growth and the rethinking of its welfare state. What are the costs and benefits to eliminating nuclear power? What are the economic ramifications of various energy and environmental options? Is a phaseout the most prudent approach? The Swedish Nuclear Dilemma casts these important questions in a new light, and it sets the stage for more informed analysis of similarly difficult issues.


Foreword Paul R. Portney Preface Part I: Background 1. Introduction: The Swedish Dilemma The Scope of the Study 2. Historical Background A Brief Sketch of the Swedish Economy The Swedish Electricity System The Swedish Energy System in International Context 3. Issues To Be Considered The Nuclear Debate and the Nuclear Referendum The Interparty Agreement of 1991 Climate Change Policy Deregulating the Electricity Market Part II: Options and Impacts 4. Building Blocks Supply and Demand Situations in 1990 and 2010 Impacts of Supply Reductions 5. The Swedish Energy and Environmental Policy (SEEP) Model The Structure of the Model Baseline Simulations 6. Nuclear Matters Economic Aspects of Swedish Nuclear Power The Tail End of the Nuclear Cycle Safety of Nuclear Power Estimates of External costs from Different Fuel Cycles Costs of Additional Capacity in Different Fuel Cycles 7. Alternative Scenarios for Nuclear Power Sources of Replacement Power Major Options Sensitivity Analyses Electricity Prices Impacts by Industry Part III: The Future of Nuclear Power in Sweden 8. Resolving the Swedish Dilemma Index


William D. Nordhaus is A. Whitney Griswold Professor of Economics at Yale University and the author of several books, including Managing the Global Commons. He is also coauthor with Paul Samuelson of Economics, entering its 16th edition.


'Nordhaus displays the tradeoffs among energy costs, nuclear risks, toxic pollutants, and global warming. The skill of application and clarity of presentation offer rewards for the reader interested in any of these issues, not to mention the reader interested in Sweden.' William W. Hogan, Harvard University
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