AIP Handbook of Condenser Microphones

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Juni 1994



Market: Applied acousticians and microphone users such as engineers, scientists, and technicians. The first single-volume reference to offer complete, up-to-date coverage of the wide-ranging topics related to condenser microphone calibration. Featuring contributions by prominent acousticians, this book provides easy-to-follow calibration methods and step-by-step procedures for operating the various measuring instruments and acoustic devices discussed. It also includes a history of the development of condenser microphones, material never before published.


1. Introduction: a short history of the condenser microphone (R.K. Cook). Appendix A. The Western Electric 640AA Capacitance Microphone (M.S. Hawley et al.).
2. Principle of operation (A.J. Zuckerwar).
3. Pressure reciprocity primary calibration.
4. Primary method for free-field calibration.
5. Random-incidence and diffuse- field calibration.
6. Nation laboratory calibration methods. i. Laboratory calibration methods at ETL, Japan (H. Miura). ii. Laboratory microphone calibration methods at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA (V. Nedzelnitsky). iii. Primary calibration methods at the National Physical Laboratory, UK (D. Jarvis).
7. Secondary calibration methods. i. Comparison methods for microphone calibration (G.S.K. Wong). ii. High pressure low frequency microphone calibration at CSIRO (B.H. Meldrum).
8. Phase match of microphones (G.S.K. Wong).
9. Microphone selection and use (T.G. Nielsen).
10. Handling, cleaning and storage of microphones (G.S.K. Wong).
11. Microphone data application (G.S.K. Wong).
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