Casebook in Time-Limited Psychotherapy

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Juli 1977



This work argues that the selection of 12 sessions on a once weekly basis mobilises hope and optimism in psychotherapy patients. It also necessitates dealing with the conscious and unconscious conflicts and meanings surrounding time, termination and separation-individuation. The patient knows precisely when the beginning stages of therapy are over, and where the middle and end are. No other short-term therapy deals specifically with these issues. Much of the theorising on time by Dr Mann is relevant to the termination issues in open-ended long-term psychotherapy and psychoanalysis proper. Margaret Mahler's writings are also utilised.


A Review of the Treatment Model; The Selection of the Central Issue; Time, the Central Issue and the Theory of Therapeutic Change in Time-Limited Psychotherapy; Case Selection; Acute Phobic Reaction (I'm a Big Guy but I'm Scared); Severe Hypochondriacal Reaction (Giving Doesn't Mean Deserving); Hysterical Character Neurosis (Must I Always be Second-Best?); Hysterical Character Neurosis (Why do all Men Brutalise Me?); Hysterical Conversion with Depression (Why Do They Hurt Me?); Perspective.
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