Learning Curve

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Juli 1977



Dr. Judith Mishne's book shows how to raise self-reliant children who thrive at school. Written for parents and for professionals working with children and their parents, this book demonstrates that children's social development must be given paramount importance in order for them to achieve long-term school success. Particularly in the early years a child's sense of self and his or her ability to trust the environment are the qualities that need to be nurtured more than cognitive skills. Dr. Mishne shows parents how to be effective caregivers by knowing realistically what to expect from a child based on a well-illustrated developmental timetable and an appreciation for individual differences. From supporting bids for autonomy to structuring homework assignments, she gives parents the know-how for managing challenges. She also dispels popular misconceptions about children that can impede healthy parent-child interaction and child development. Throughout, Dr. Mishne suggests how to engender in children independence, self-confidence, and a sense of responsibility for themselves and their studies.

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