Psychodynamic Supervision: Perspectives for the Supervisor and the Supervisee

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September 2000



Provides first-person, subjective accounts of the supervisory process from the viewpoint of both the supervisor and the supervisee.


Martin H. Rock, Ph.D., is associate professor at the Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology, Yeshiva University.


As Dr. Rock demonstrates, supervision is not the transmission of canonical wisdom from master to neophyte, but part of the continuing struggle of psychoanalysts to formulate what it is they do when they do what they know how to do. One cannot read this stimulating book without questioning one's own premises and enriching one's clinical perceptions, not just about the process of supervision, but about psychoanalysis itself. -- Edgar Levenson Presents a wealth of ideas about supervision, abundantly illustrated by examples from supervisory experiences. The reader is bound to learn new approaches to supervision, and to think anew about his own work as a supervisor. It discusses in depth the kind of relationship between supervisor and supervisee that can lead to a rich learning experience for both. -- Joseph Weiss This book is at the cutting edge of the contemporary landscape in psychotherapy supervision. The major strengths of the book lie in the way it addresses the complexity of the supervisory relationship and the way in which the latter impacts on the treatment process. Emphasis is given to the concordant and contrasting experiences of supervisors and supervisees which facilitate or impede the therapist's progress. Supervisory impasses and failures, seldom described in the literature, are discussed. -- Stanly Teitelbaum Until now, little has been written about the implications of the relational and intersubjective developments for psychodynamic supervision. Psychodynamic Supervision reexamines the fundamentals of supervision from a relational/interpersonal perspective. The authors place particular emphasis on the mutuality inherent in the supervisory relationship. These chapters are vivid, lively, experiential, and provide numerous illustrations of the reciprocal structure of psychodynamic supervision. -- Lewis Aron
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