Ossian Bingley Hart: Florida's Loyalist Reconstruction Governor

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In this exceptional biography, Canter Brown, Jr., removes Ossian Bingley Hart (1821-1874), a Unionist who was the principal founder of the Republican Party in Florida and a Reconstruction-era governor of the state, from the shadows of history. Through an examination of Hart's life and career, Brown offers new insight into the political problems of the day - the role of Unionism in Deep South politics in particular - and enriches our understanding of the complexities of Reconstruction. Few people have heard of Ossian Bingley Hart. Within two decades after his death, the flame of his memory flickered dimly even in his own state. Yet Hart had numbered among the region's leading men of his time, contributing to it as a frontier settler, legislator, prosecutor, civic leader, entrepreneur, jurist, and politician. In an engaging narrative style, Brown portrays the complex circumstances by which Hart, a son of one of Florida's largest slaveholders, emerged from the Civil War as an ardent advocate of civil rights for freedmen and later successfully served as the Republican governor of that Deep South state. Brown traces Hart's life from his privileged childhood in the newly founded port town of Jacksonville, through his service as a volunteer soldier in the Second Seminole War, his education in South Carolina, and the dawn of his legal and political career on Florida's Atlantic frontier, to his election as governor in 1872 and his premature death sixteen months later. As he tells Hart's story, Brown explores numerous previously neglected facets of Florida history, including the advancement of settlement on the peninsular frontier, the experience of Armed Occupation Act pioneers on the lower Southeast coast, cosmopolitan life at Key West during the 1840s and 1850s, and the impact of the Civil War on Florida's southwest prairies, rivers, and Gulf Coast. Brown's multifaceted biography offers a rare glimpse at the persistence of Loyalism in the post-Civil War South.

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