Greek Modernism and Beyond

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Juni 1997



Although it is one of the most dynamic and controversial areas of Greek culture, Greek modernism has received little scholarly attention as a literary and cultural phenomenon. A wide variety of competing, often clashing discourses and approaches characterize the study of Greek modernism. In this landmark volume, scholars from three continents provide a framework in which developments in prose, poetry, and drama can be studied together. The contributors seek to redefine the contours of Greek modernism, to reassess its impact on Greek culture, to explore the fringes of the movement. Special attention is paid to the role of the avant-garde in Greece and the emergence of postmodern trends in Greek culture. Greek Modernism and Beyond is valuable reading for students and scholars of Greek and European literature.


Dimitris Tziovas is reader in modern Greek studies at the University of Birmingham. He is the author of many books, including Beyond Aesthetics: Theoretical Essays and Interpretive Approaches to Modern Greek Literature and The Nationism of the Demoticists and its Impact on their Literary Theory (1888-1930).


Is a timely publication which takes stock of the variety of new approaches to the subject of modernism. Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies Gives many well-documented and informative insights into the sheer variety of the kinds of writing that are now being valued, and studied, in the context either of Greek modernism or of its postmodern offshoots (the 'Beyond' of the book's title)...splendid volume of essays. -- Roderick Beaton, King's College London Anglo-Hellenic Review
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