Russia's Transformation: Snapshots of a Crumbling System

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An astute observer of the Soviet Union, Bill Daniels collects here his observations of political change in the USSR over a quarter century. Complete with a new introduction and conclusion and explanatory notes, these essays offer a moment-by-moment picture of the decline and fall of the Communist state. Capturing the weaknesses of past and present regimes, while illustrating the difficulties of anticipating the course of events in Russia, Daniels's commentaries will have a central place in the ongoing debate about the failure of Western scholarship to predict the Soviet collapse and its aftermath.


Robert V. Daniels, professor emeritus of history at the University of Vermont, is the author or editor of many books on Soviet history and politics, including A Documentary History of Communism and The End of the Communist Revolution.


A veritable cottage industry is emerging of books about the parlous condition of present-day Russia, but few of them match the depth and acumen displayed by Robert V. Daniels' Russia's Transformation and Anatol Lieven's Chechnya: Tombstone of Russia Power. La Times 3/99 [An] excellent collection of essays... Daniels's provocative assault on the 'conventional wisdom' on the Russian Federation is extremely coherent and insightful. Russian Review The author offers a fascinating discussion of the kind of 'utopianism' that afflicted not just Soviet revolutionaries but also the post-Soviet Russian regieme... He provides an excellent critique of current reforism, including 'shock therapy,' privatization, and marketiztion. Daniels writing is crisp, direct, and graceful. -- Gregory J. Massell, Hunter College, City Univ. of New York Slavic Review Each essay is a small gem. They are without exception articulate, penetrating, and infused with a sophisticated grasp of political theory... Re-reading these well-crafted contemporary essays offers a useful and enlightening reminder of the extent of change. -- James R. Millar Slavonica Robert V. Daniels has written perceptively and sensibly about the Soviet Union and now Russia over many years. This excellent collection shows that, contrary to the assertions of some, it was possible for the best Sovietologists to illuminate the Russian political scene for Western readers at the time and not only in retrospect. -- Archie Brown, Oxford University
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