Free Speech on Campus

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If the University had a constitution, would it contain a free speech provision such as exists in the U.S. Constitution? The author develops in some detail the idea of the University as a special social institution that has as its goal the dissemination and advancement of knowledge.Free Speech on Campus examines the arguments, pro and con, concerning appropriate standards of discourse and expression that are particularly germane to the campus context, public or private, whether or not they are constitutionally enforceable. Students and teachers in every discipline will find this book engaging and illuminating; it is especially relevant for ethicists and philosophers of education.


Martin P. Golding is professor of philosophy and law at Duke University. He is the author of Philosophy of Law and Legal Reasoning, and the editor of The Nature of Law and Jewish Law and Legal Theory.


Provides a useful road map of the central issues involved in evaluating campus speech along with sketches of the principal arguments. There is no need to agree with Golding's conclusions to benefit greatly from reading his book. Journal Of The American Psychoanalytic Association A remarkable dissertation of various arguments for, and recent promulgations of speech codes on American campuses. Golding is amazingly fair and rational, as well as delightfully candid about his own views on this ideologically hot subject... Its tight analysis displays a rare type of unruffled philosophical beauty. University Business
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