Philosophical Reflections on the Changes in Eastern Europe

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Dezember 1998



The dramatic events of 1989 and their aftermath raise fundamental questions about the nature of social and intellectual change, about the relation of philosophy to politics, and above all about human values within the global structures of today. This book offers a sober, critical analysis of the post-Marxist realities of the old Eastern Bloc and provides an overview of significant aspects of both the 'bygone era' and the present situation in the region. It analyzes the phenomenon of ideological conversation, re-examines the relationship of philosophy to politics, and revisits questions about freedom, democracy, justice, civil society, religion, nationalism, and human relationships, in light of the changes there, together with the entire question of 'globalization.'


Part 1 Acknowledgements Part 2 Introduction Chapter 3 1 The Bygone Era Chapter 4 2 Today Chapter 5 3 Conversions and Continuities Chapter 6 4 Theory and Practice: Philosophical Politicians and Philosophy as Political Values Chapter 7 5 Values Chapter 8 6 The Throne, The Altar, and The Cottage Chapter 9 7 Worldviews: From One Materialism to Another Part 10 Index Part 11 About the Author


William L. McBride is professor of philosophy at Purdue University. He is the author of Social and Political Philosophy, Sartre's Political Theory, The Philosophy of Marx, Social Theory at a Crossroads, and Fundamental Change in Law and Society: Hart and Sartre on Revolution and is the Edior of Sartre and Existentialism.


Philosopher-speak can easily become 'a language that the stranger does not know,' but McBride avoids the commonest pitfalls throughout the seven essays in this slim, accessible volume. -- Raymond Pearson, University of Ulster, Coleraine Irish Slavonic Studies
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