Dilemmas of Transition: The Hungarian Experience

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Exploring the controversies and problems surrounding post-communist transitions, this multi-disciplinary volume develops a strong theoretical framework as it moves between general issues of transitology and specific analyses. Hungary, a state that has weathered political and economic transition more successfully than most, is used to illuminate both comparative and regional issues. By bridging the divide between area studies and comparative politics, this book will be a key resource for advanced students and for scholars in East-European/post-communist studies, comparative politics, and international relations.


Chapter 1 Introduction: The Continuing Dilemmas of Transition Part 2 Transition Chapter 3 Rethinking Transitology Chapter 4 Transitions and Elites Chapter 5 Post-Communist Economic Transformation Part 6 Hungary's Post-Communist Transition Chapter 7 The Regional Perspective Chapter 8 Political Transition and Social Transformation Chapter 9 The Foundations of Post-Socialist Legitimacy Part 10 Marketization and Social Change in Hungary Chapter 11 Economic Transformation Chapter 12 Privatization Policies Chapter 13 Civil Society, Transition, and Consolidation of Democracy Part 14 Hungary's International Relations and Security Chapter 15 European Integration Chapter 16 The Russian Factor Chapter 17 Regional Security and Ethnic Minorities Chapter 18 The Unfolding Transition and Consolidation Chapter 19 Index Chapter 20 About the Contributors


Aurel Braun is professor of international relations and political science at the University of Toronto. Zoltan Barany is associate professor of government at the University of Texas, Austin.


This insightful and well-balanced volume contains an excellent blend: chapters dealing with the wide-ranging common problems of all post-socialist countries and others focusing on the specific characteristics of the Hungarian transition. It will become an indispensable handbook for students of recent Hungarian history, and at the same time it will be used by researchers and teachers of post-socialist transition as a source of inspiring thoughts and valuable information. -- Janos Kornai, Harvard University and Collegium Budapest The transition of the former communist countries to democracy and free markets is the great event of our time. This volume provides a detailed and authoritative picture, and a balanced assessment, of one of those countries, illuminating the problems common to them all. -- Michael Mandelbaum, Johns Hopkins University Economists will appreciate the careful assessments of postcommunist economic transformation in Hungary , and in Central Europe in general. -- H. D. Renning, California State University CHOICE Many of the contributors on Hungary are excellent. Dilemmas of Transition will be of great use to anyone seeking a wide-ranging discussion of Hungary since 1989. Slavic Review Dilemmas of Transition, written by a group of well-known experts and dealing with the various theoretical and practical aspects of the transition process in Hungary, is well-organized, more detailed and more comprehensive than previous efforts have been and deserves close attention. -- Peter F. Sugar, University of Washington
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