Bioregional Assessments: Science at the Crossroads of Management and Policy

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Januar 1999



Impending crises over dwindling natural resources and conflicts over land use have given birth to a new approach to environmental management and policymaking known as bioregional assessment. This book for the first time examines the assessment process through a series of detailed case studies and synthesizes the knowledge gained.


Practice and theory of bioregional assessments; learning from the past and moving to the future; assessing for understanding in complex regional systems; the role of science in bioregional assessments; a political context model for bioregional assessments; case histories and reviews; Forest Ecosystem Management Assessment Team (FEMAT) assessment; Great Lakes; St Lawrence River Basin assessments; Everglades; South Florida assessments; northern forest lands assessments; Southern California Natural Community Conservation Planning (NCCP); interior Columbia Basin ecosystem management project; Sierra Nevada Ecosystem Project (SNEP); management review; policy review; synthesis; understanding bioregional assessments.
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