Patriotism, Politics, and Popular Liberalism in Nineteenth-Century Mexico: Juan Francisco Lucas and the Puebla Sierra

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This detailed local study of state formation in nineteenth-century Mexico focuses on the life of Juan Francisco Lucas, the principal Indian leader of the Puebla Sierra between 1854 and 1917. The book illustrates how, over seventy years, the Indian communi


Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Regional Leader Chapter 3 Tetela in the Puebla Sierra Chapter 4 Rebellion and Revolution Chapter 5 The Three Years' War Chapter 6 From Reform to Patriotic Resistance, 1860-1863 Chapter 7 The Battle for the Sierra Chapter 8 The Defeat of the Empire Chapter 9 The First Montana Rebellion Chapter 10 The Arriaga Rebellion and the Xochiapulco Revolt Chapter 11 The Fruits of Rebellion in Xochiapulco Chapter 12 The Revolt of La Noria Chapter 13 Conciliation and Violence, 1872-1875 Chapter 14 The Revolution of Tuxtepec and the Montana in Power, 1876-1880 Chapter 15 The Resurgence of Central Power, 1880-1888 Chapter 16 Public and Private Life, 1889-1910 Chapter 17 Lucas and the Mexican Revolution, 1910-1917 Chapter 18 Epilogue Chapter 19 Notes Chapter 20 Index


Guy P. C. Thomson teaches Latin American History at the University of Warwick.


An impressive, tightly written, and massively documented work. The great value of this book is that it looks at the playing out of the ideological struggle in the daily lives of villagers, and at how a leader could remain faithful to a political program through trying times. Guy P. C. Thomson and David G. LaFrance carry us through these years and issues-with a cast of many-through a political-military narrative sprinkled with socioeconomic and personal details. There are useful concluding sections at the end of each chapter. In the coming years, this study will be a required reference when assessing the impact of the liberal program. American Historical Review An intricate and thorough study of local and regional politics in the Puebla Sierra during the second half of the nineteenth century. -- Barry Carr, La Trobe University, Australia Indispensable reading for any understanding of politics in nineteenth-century Mexico. -- David Brading, University of Cambridge, England Patriotism, Politics, and Popular Liberalism is well worth reading to better understand the often convoluted politics of mid- and late-nineteenth-century Mexico. It is clearly and engagingly written and deftly avoids pedantic postmodernist ego-jargon. Tables, maps, and photographs are a plus. Thomson and LaFrance have written a book that should stand the test of time. Journal of Social History This fine book follows the important and needed trend toward regional studies that now marks so much Mexican historiography. Few works do it, however, in such admirable detail. One can only admire the author's scrupulous attention to local resources, which leave no doubt as to where the history of the sierra was being made and can be investigated. The book is a solid building block toward our understanding of this tempestuous period in Mexican history. E.I.A.L. The research undergirding this tome is nothing short of heroic and every minute of the more than twenty years that Thomson spent in the archives shines through in these pages. Latin American Research Review
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