Bridging the Gap: A Future Security Architecture for the Middle East

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März 1997



A path-breaking collaboration between an Israeli arms control expert and a Jordanian policy advisor, this concise book offers a frank assessment of Arab and Israeli perceptions of their security problems. Building on the bilateral and multilateral peace process, the authors propose a set of measures to increase trust between the two sides and break out of the security dilemma in which a move by one side to strengthen itself provokes the other side to do the same.


Chapter 1 Preface Chapter 2 Background for Peace Chapter 3 Israel's National Security: Perceptions and Policies Chapter 4 Arab National Security Issues: Perceptions and Policies Chapter 5 Bridging the Gap: Resolving the Security Dilemma in the Middle East Chapter 6 Appendix A: Appendix B: Abbreviations Chapter 7 Glossary Chapter 8 Index


Shai Feldman is senior research fellow at the Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government. Abdullah Toukan is science advisor to King Hussein of Jordan.


This book is of critical historical importance. Feldman and Toukan have raised Arab-Israeli mutual exploration to a new and exceptionally sensitive level. They have demonstrated thoughtfully and brilliantly that a new era of Mideast analysis has begun ... must reading for policymakers and students of the area alike. This is a wise, stimulating, and incisive volume ... should be thoroughly discussed in future regional security talks. -- Steven L. Spiegel, UCLA A few procedural points that could reap real gains. A timely reminder that Israelis and Arabs are talking. Foreign Affairs This book is a triumph for Middle East security-a unique collaboration between two scholars across the Arab-Israeli divide. The remarkable effort made by Feldman and Toukan-sons of two former adversary states-should serve as a model for peacemaking in other regions. -- Graham T. Allison, Harvard University An unprecedented collaborative effort... The authors use a simple but effective format... The book has considerable merit. -- Yosef Lapid, New Mexico State University Ethnic Conflict Research Digest Offers an insightful and well-written overview of the security perceptions of Middle East states and effectively outlines the persisting dilemmas and opposing perspectives. Mela Notes A must for any serious student of current Middle Eastern security issues ... incisive and visionary ... Its collaborative production by two prominent Arab and Israeli strategic analysts makes its achievement even more remarkable. -- Roscoe S. Suddarth, president, Middle East Institute
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