The Political Economy of Market Reform in Jordan

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Juli 1998



This volume moves beyond traditional studies of Jordan's politics to explore the interplay between politics and economy. Examining the phenomenon of market reform in the developing world, Timothy J. Piro assesses the state's contradictory impulses toward privatization and continued state intervention in the economy. Drawing on a wealth of primary materials, the author illuminates the kingdom's unique politics and argues that market reform is dependent on domestic rather than international political structures.


Chapter 1 The State, Industry, and the Political Economy of Intervention Chapter 2 The State and Economy in Historical Perspective Chapter 3 The "Big 5" and Jordan's Economy Chapter 4 The Political Economy of Rentierism Chapter 5 The Political Economy of Privatization Chapter 6 The State and the Economy in Jordan Chapter 7 Bibliography Chapter 8 Index


Timothy J. Piro, who received his Ph.D. in political science from the George Washington University, is the author of over two dozen articles on Middle East politics.


Along with a useful sketch of the fromation and development of the Jordanian state, Piro offers interesting information on the relationship between Jordan's " Along with a useful sketch of the formation and development of the Jordanian state, Piro offers interesting information on the relationship between Jordan's "Big Five" companies and the state, particularly on the circulation of elites and the formal and informal mechanisms of control. His description of the impact of state interventionism, while not new, contributes to our understanding of the role of state patronage in maintaining the stability of Jordan's political system. -- Marc Lynch, Williams College Journal Of Plalestine Studies Scholars, policymakers, and would-be economic reformers in Latin America, East Asia, and Eastern Europe may find useful lessons in this analysis. The book will also be of interest to those concerned with theoretical debates about the nature of the state, strategies of development, and economic adjustment. For students of Jordanian politics, this short, tightly focused book provides a welcome insight into the political economy of the kingdom and to the problems of market reform in the Middle East. International Journal Of Middle East Studies The book offers a new and fresh approach to understanding the dynamics of political economy and power inside Jordan. Piro has done excellent research, combining both personal interviews with a wide range of primary and secondary source material. This will be a very welcome addition to the field. -- Robert Satloff, executive director, Washington Institute for Near East Policy
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