Nothing Is as It Seems: The Tragedy of the Implicit in Euripides' Hippolytus

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November 1998



In this valuable book, Hanna M. Roisman provides a uniquely comprehensive look at Euripides' Hippolytus. Roisman begins with an examination of the ancient preference for the implicit style, and suggests a possible reading of Euripides' first treatment of the myth which would account for the Athenian audience's reservations about his Hippolytus Veiled. She proceeds to analyze significant scenes in the play, including Hippolytus' prayer to Artemis, Phaedra's delirium, Phaedra's 'confession' speech, and the interactions between Theseus and Hippolytus. Concluding with a discussion of the meaning of the tragic in Hippolytus, Roisman questions the applicability in this case of the idea of the tragic flaw. Nothing Seems as It Is includes extensive comparisons of Euripides' play with the Phaedra of Seneca. This is a very important book for students and scholars of Greek tragedy, literature, and rhetoric.


Hanna M. Roisman is professor of classics at Colby College. She is the author of The Odyssey Reformed (with F. Ahl) and Loyalty in Early Greek Epic and Tragedy, as well as the editor of several other books.


Roisman discusses an impressive amount of secondary literature in a clearly structured way and concludes the book with two small, but useful indices. Hew style is precise, to the point, and pleasant to read. This monograph provides a convincing and thought-provoking interpretation and should be a 'must' for everyone who is seriously interested in Euripidean tragedy. It fully deserves its own place within the canon of other long established views. Scholia Reviews Roisman challenges orthodox ways of reading Greek tragedy ... This, then, is a volume ... for the mature scholar, who will enjoy the process of testing Roisman's hypotheses [and] evaluating their unusual implications ... -- L. Golden, Florida State University CHOICE, October 1999 Vol. 37 No. 2
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