Who Speaks for Plato?: Studies in Platonic Anonymity

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In this international and interdisciplinary collection of critical essays, distinguished contributors examine a crucial premise of traditional readings of Plato's dialogues: that Plato's own doctrines and arguments can be read off the statements made in the dialogues by Socrates and other leading characters. The authors argue in general and with reference to specific dialogues, that no character should be taken to be Plato's mouthpiece. This is essential reading for students and scholars of Plato.


Chapter 1 Introduction Part 2 Theory and History Chapter 3 Mouthpiece Schmouthpiece Chapter 4 The Logic of Attributing Characters' Views to Plato Chapter 5 Socrates and the Character of Platonic Dialogue Chapter 6 The Philosopher Conducting Dialectic Chapter 7 Where Plato Speaks: Reflections on an Ancient Debatex Part 8 Research on Specific Dialogues Chapter 9 Cowardice, Moral Philosophy in and Saying What You Think Chapter 10 Why Doesn't Plato Speak? Chapter 11 Not Doctrine but 'Placing in Question': The Thrasymachus ( as a Placing-In-Question"Rep.I) as anErotesis of Commercialization Chapter 12 Letting Plato Speak for Himself: Character and Method in the Republic Chapter 13 Eros as Messenger in Diotima's Teaching Chapter 14 The Eleatic Stranger: His Master's Voice? Chapter 15 Who Speaks for Whom in the Timaeus-Critias? Part 16 Criticisms and Alternatives Chapter 17 Plato Absconditus Chapter 18 Who Speaks for Plato? Everyone! Chapter 19 Interpreting the Platonic Dialogues: What Can One Say?


Gerald A. Press is professor of philosophy at Hunter College, City University of New York, and the editor of Plato's Dialogues: New Studies and Interpretations (Rowman & Littlefield, 1993).


Among recent collections of essays on Plato this volume stands out for overall excellence, and for the impressive range of arguments it contains. This book does not assume specialized knowledge and is essential reading for anyone interested in ancient philosophy or literary crtiticism. Religious Studies Review
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